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I'm so glad you're here! 

My name is Tamarie! I founded Archer Dean Photography over a decade ago, inspired by the arrival of my son, Landon Archer-Dean. Since then, my journey has been one of discovery, mastery, and a relentless pursuit of capturing the essence of life's most precious moments.

While photography is my absolute passion, when I'm not documenting others' lives, I am fully immersed in my own. I am a devoted mother to two incredible children, Landon & Sealynn, whose laughter and boundless energy light up my world. You'll often find us exploring the local beaches soaking up the sunshine and reveling in the beauty of Southern California, our beloved home.

my approach

It's simple yet profound: to let each photoshoot unfold naturally, allowing my clients to interact authentically and without inhibition. In these unscripted moments, I find raw emotion, genuine connection, and the beauty of imperfection. ​I pride myself on my attention to detail, capturing the nuances and subtleties that often go unnoticed. From the sparkle in a child's eye to the gentle touch of a lover's hand, it's these tiny details that weave the tapestry of our lives.

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